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    Dossier: Agriculture biologique

    History of Agriculture

    Charlie Herlihy
    L'implication du gouvernement dans le dossier de l'agriculture biologique se fait-elle dans le sens des meilleurs intérêts de la population? L'expérience de ce fermier biologique tend malheureusement à démontrer le contraire.
    The last 10 years or so has seen the creation and growth of many certifying bodies and government involvement and, after spending a great deal of time trying to help locally, provincialy, and as a representative to the National Organic Standards Board, I've been trying to hide from it as much as possible. We were receiving mountains of paper in the mail, and after years of meeting and arguing over what exactly «organic» means the issue still hasn't been resolved, and won't be soon. It used to be fairly simple, but now a lot of money is involved, big agrobusiness and government have complicated everything to the point that I don't want to be involved. Here in Grand Forks we have a bio-regional organic farm
    certifying group, the Boundry Organic Producers Association, which is afiliated with the provintial certifying group. We've grown from 3 farms to 30 in the last few years. One major change happening in the organic farming business is that the word «organic» itself is being copywrited by The Canadian government (and in the US and Europe as well) so the farmers who gave meaning to the term after struggling all these years are «out of the loop» now and can be prevented from calling their products «organicaly grown» if they can't afford to pay all the new fees required for the new govt. bureaucracies being developed.
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